Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was Celebrated.

We Thanks to all the people who have supporting us continuously in their prayer.

Appreciation certificate were distributed on the occasion by Pastor Suman Gurung as the chief Guest on the program.

s/n We Thank to:
1 AHF Nepal
2 Mr/Mrs Brandon/Bethany Anderson
3 Classic Cargo
4 Miss. Jamuna Achhami
5 Mr. Bhupendra Baniya
6 Mr. Bikram Thapa
7 Mr. Binod Baskota
8 Mr. Gopi Kunwar
9 Mr. Janardhan Baral
10 Mr. Kanchha Tamang
11 Mr. Kedar Baskota
12 Mr. Narayan Sharma
13 Mr. Nikesh Sunuwar
14 Mr. Rajan Thapa
15 Mr. Ram Bahadur Kunwar
16 Mr. Ram Magar
17 Mr. Rupesh Shrestha
18 Mr. Udin Baral
19 Mr. Urjal Maharjan
20 Mr.Sarjan Ranjit
21 Mr.Shankar Luintel
22 Mrs. Hanna Gurung
23 Mrs. Jeanette
24 Mrs. Maiya Sunuwar
25 Mrs. Maiya Sunuwar
26 Mrs. Manjila Maharjan
27 Mrs. Manju Kunwar
28 Mrs. Maya Shrestha
29 Mrs. Pramila Rai
30 Asian Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd.
31 Mrs. Tara Devi Khadka
32 Pa. David Moktan
33 Pa. Dudha Tamang
34 Pa. Suman Gurung
35 Sneha Samaj
36 Mrs. Gyanu Thapa

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