New Hope Hospice & Rehabilitation Center


New Hope Hospice & Rehabilitation Center

Every year over 15,000 Nepali girls are kidnapped or sold and taken across the border of Nepal into a life of forced prostitution.

60-70% of women rescued from forced prostitution are HIV positive. In this culture being diagnosed with this disease means a life of being treated as an untouchable. We have seen this with our own eyes as the ladies we work with have been denied medical care because their diagnosis was feared even by healthcare professionals.  It is out of this horrible reaction to these ladies that New Hope Hospice has been started.

Many of these ladies will die alone with no one to comfort them or care for their basic needs simply because of fear and lack of education about AIDS. It is our desire to bring these ladies to wholeness through hospice care.  We want to create an environment where they and their children that have been victims of human trafficking can die surrounded by people that love them; people that will not only take care of their physical needs but do it with compassion and love. We desire to bring these victims to a place where their dignity will be valued until the very end.

Our mission and vision

New Hope Hospice’s desire is to offer the highest levels of support and palliative care, both through its hospice and within the community, to provide people who have AIDS with both dignity and greater quality of life.

Our role within the Nepalese community is to support those with AIDS – and their families and children. We take a wider approach than just medical care alone – looking at the ‘whole needs of the whole person’, whether that is physical, psychological, practical, emotional or spiritual


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  1. Risa Igarashi says: name is Risa,from Japan.l visited Katmandu last year for my HIV child care project last year just one week.Im working now as a Nurse.Im interesting about especially womens skills development,girl slave,disable people of Nepal.Id like to visit Nepal again I love Nepal.But Im not able to there soon.

  2. Risa Igarashi says:

    So I want keep connecting n learning.Because my heart is always secondary country.To learn is also equal to live for me.unfortunately l never know my HIV placement childrens are where to live.So,I need to keep learning.
    Thanks for reading.Please please good sharing

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